Securing Global Routing

The world needs a secure and resilient Internet.

Without taking steps to protect the global routing system, it’s prone to leaks and other errors as well as hijacks from nefarious actors. These can lead to misdirection of traffic and denial of service, damaging reputations, causing lost revenue, and exposing sensitive data.

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is an industry-supported initiative that builds on well-established best practices by bringing together actions that can address most common threats in the global routing system. By adopting MANRS, network operators and others can help make sure information—from email to streaming videos—arrives at its intended destination. We need MANRS for the global security of everything that travels via the Internet.

With Routing Security, No News Is Good News

Many things can disrupt the Internet, but most days it’s business as usual. No headlines about widespread outages or picking up the pieces after a hacking incident. People are getting work done, sharing with loved ones, and connecting to life-changing opportunities thanks to those implementing MANRS and making the Internet more secure.

Strengthening the Internet

Because secure global routing is the bedrock of a trustworthy Internet, we’re:

  • Growing the MANRS community and fostering its transition into a self-governed initiative
  • Providing up-to-date data on routing security in the MANRS Observatory

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